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banging hookers in cars….

Oh Emm Gee! I have been doing this job for several years, and always lived in hotels. Now that I have a home, I can’t work from here. My mother-in-law would never in a million years allow that (my fiance of course wouldnt either, but he’s in jail so he doesnt get a say ) so I have been pulling car dates from the parking lot of the ampm by my house. Not proud of that, but it is what it is. Paying for a room for one little date is rediculous and expensive, but explain that to a trick! These cheap bastards want to get upset about  paying an  extra 20 bucks so that I can borrow a room from a friend, but then complain about a car date( whatever happened to everybody’s sense of adventure? ). I am not typically too keen on car dates myself, I have been a “track star” in my early years and I feel like I have earned my place in a comfy incall location, answering phone calls and prebooking mulit hour and therefore rather lucrative appointments with gentlemen who can afford them. But I have been caught in one too many stings by police and in the interest of staying my happy ass out of jail, decided to move home and severely limit the advertising (which is to say, not advertise at all and work with repeat clients only). Clearly, this is not working out how I planned, hence this rant about cheap bastards with no sense of adventure or respect for the time and energy put into getting myself both “date ready” and into a proper location….. I am not, of course, referring to the the more upscale clients, the ones who are interested in an evening, or a “girlfriend experience”. Those gents would obviously see the need for some kind of lodging expense, given the length of time and the sensual sort of roleplay involved. But guys, if you are calling a hooker for a 15 minute (if that!) bang-fest and you are bitching about a hundred bucks, do not think you deserve to do so in a presidential suite!


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