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I re-wrote a previous post of mine as a cause and effect essay for school. I have edited it for grammar and some content, and think its a better read than before.


18 October 2016

Cause and Effects of the War on Sex Trafficking

Hollywood’s contribution to causing this war can be most obviously seen in the movie, “Taken,” in which we see a beautiful innocent girl kidnapped and sold as some kind of sex slave. Then Lifetime picked up the torch, creating made-for-television afterschool specials about human trafficking, watched by millions. The stereotypes sex workers have been fighting against for years are easy to accept, to pick up and embellish, which of course the media and politicians wasted little time in doing, although this is not a new issue. However, the hype was encouraged, the media became outraged, and stopping this horrific crime became the darling project of political activists, prostitution and pornography abolitionists, police departments, and religious groups around the globe.

The war on sex trafficking has become a modern day crusade, with politicians and lawmakers riding into war to fight a battle that is often of their own creation, and driven by ideals that are rooted in personal moral values now being forced upon others. These people have created an industry that may have begun with good intentions but has grown into a monster. This is not to say that trafficking and exploitation in the sex industry does not exist, it certainly does, but this so called war has forgotten or willfully cast aside the variable that is individual human thought.

This war has created a rescue industry hell bent on “saving” women that may not in fact need saving. These crusading knights in shining armor arrest those they claim to save, and then label them “victim”, ignoring any opposition they may attempt. As a woman, this is a direct violation of the rights my sex fought so hard for, to be treated equal, to be assumed unless proven otherwise to possess the mental capacity to be aware of my own victimization, or lack thereof. The war that police and anti-prostitution activists claim is saving women from coercion and exploitation is itself coercing and exploiting these women, yet believing itself justified, because the women in question are not viewed as human beings with capacity for individual choice, but as victims.

This over-hyped crusade has created even more dangerous working conditions, and has imprisoned hundreds if not thousands of innocent people in our country alone, simply for being associated with a prostitute, and has denied millions of women’s rights as citizens of this free country.

The police and the prosecutors are potentially wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money and distorting facts while trying to find the elusive “victims” of a crime that is being grossly over prosecuted: promoting prostitution (which can mean profit of any amount being in the possession of anyone other than the sex worker, or providing any assistance whatsoever to the sex worker, including transportation). Boyfriends, friends, anyone that a girl might have depended on to be able to call in an emergency, are now being charged with a heinous crime, which in turn causes the sex worker to work alone, or without any resource should she run into a dangerous situation.

Police departments around the country receive grants from the federal government to fight sex trafficking. So it stands to reason, that when they don’t find any “forced against their will” prostitute victims, they make them up, so that they won’t lose funding. Many women are not forced into prostitution, they are willing and want to do this type of work, and some go out of their way to do it. It is a vast sum of fast, easy money, and you don’t need a degree or a green card to earn it.
But the government has created an enticing incentive for a demographic that is often preconditioned to accept victimization, especially when it can be so obviously beneficial. All a girl has to do is say someone forced her to do it (a favorite excuse since we were children, but not a valid one until now) and she can avoid criminal charges. This is often the beginning of the end of an innocent person’s freedom.
For example, if an illegal alien is the “victim”, all she has to do is lie and, based on the U.S. anti-traffic prostitution laws: She does not have to go to jail or be arrested; she gets to stay and live in America; the U.S. government will provide her with housing, food, and education;
she will be considered a victimed refugee, and can become an American citizen.

And for the independent, self-sufficient, smart, working girl in the world, trying to stay safe as she tries to put food in her belly, there is no one to whom she can turn should a client become violent, without putting that person at risk of prison. She cannot give her mother money for groceries or to help her pay rent, without jeopardizing her mother’s freedom. She must drive herself to any appointments, alone, or risk the other person in the car going to jail. If she does not want to risk the danger in driving alone to a strange man’s home, she must still receive her client somewhere without anyone else present, even another working girl, or risk the other person potentially being charged with a crime.

Prostitution is already the second most dangerous job in our country, second only in death rate to a convenience store clerk. Yet since this war has become nearly a hysteria, whatever minimal security may have saved her in the past, is no longer a viable option if nobody she knows is willing to take the risk involved by any association with her. So how long until the sex industry takes first place?

The effects of this war continue to grow, and the coercion and injustice is unceasing. Its underlying causes are truly tragic, and those involved should be punished accordingly, but there absolutely must be a better way to investigate and separate them from the rest. This modern day crusade is a clear violation of the freedom that our country stands for.



If someone were to ask me a year ago if i would be quitting soon, doing something else, i would have responded in the most decided and confident voice i could muster, something arrogant and defensive and wildly overboard in the interest of preserving the image that I worked so hard for. I am still, as i was then, very adamantly pro-hooker, but i don’t think that its fair that in order to keep myself above pity, above judgement, to guard myself from being hurt by the contempt of society and not give any room for them to criticize, it is necessary to oversell the benefits and never ever let on that you may love your job, or aspects of it, but that sometimes you just don’t fuckin like anybody and your attitude sucks and your hair just wont curl right.

Its called having a bad day. I hear the postal workers don’t handle them well, I have seen a thousand movies and heard as many songs all about people having bad days, so it seems to be something that happens even to the darlings of Hollywood. And most of the time, if an accountant is asked about her job , she may answer that it depends on the day. As will probably most retail or customer service employees, yet nobody thinks any worse of them for it.

Yet for a prostitute, even if she answer’s that she loves it, they will think worse of her for it. Why would you do something that is so intimate with strangers? Why don’t you value yourself? And my personal favorite, You are better than this!

OK first of all, my idea of intimacy is probably a far cry from what that person consider’s “the norm”. I’ve had friends who’ve said that their issue was they werent comfortable enough with their body, and to many people, it would be impossible to let strangers see them in all their glory, but hell strippers do it too. I also think that this relates to the idea that as whores, we must be insecure little sluts with daddy issues and low self esteem. My own family favored this one, and I have to take a moment to address this in particular.

The truth, the cold hard honest truth about this job is that if you have low self esteem, this may not be the best forum to deal with it, unless you are ready for some harsh realities.. The truth is that when you open your door to a client and he looks you up and down, and says nah, too fat, never mind, and walks away, and you are standing empty handed and in full hooker gear and at least a good hour of time spent getting ready going down the drain, along with the added time and lost money from this and all that is on top of the fact that you were just treated with all the tenderness of a farmer with a milk cow.  Or the endless text messages from some asshole who hates women telling you your disgusting, you are nobody but a ugly worthless whore, and how dare you not want to suck his dick for 20 bucks. Then, on the darker side, there are the rapes, the almost rapes, the guys who take back their money when you’re not looking, the one’s who “left it in the car’, the ones who leave you with less dignity intact than the last one. If , that is, you do not have enough confidence in yourself to brush all that shit off, and keep it pushing, because there are plenty more in line waiting for what the other guys didn’t want, and anyway that is why you just learn to avoid those ones.

 Intimacy is different, i think, for each individual person and based probably off their own needs  in their own lives. The idea that sex is the one big  “official” intimacy, to me is insane. Do i enjoy sex? Sure. is it something that involves emotions, to me? No, not unless it is with someone i love. The massage therapist who loves to give his wife back rubs, is not being less intimate with her because he also provides a service for a fee with those same hands. An actress who performs a heartfelt drama, filling the screens with passionate kisses and scenes of love, is not even questioned about it when she leaves the set with her real life love.

So what i do, is not so different, then. It is providing a service, one that i am good at and one that involves acting, and dressing, and putting my mind, my body into a block of time that is paid handsomely for.

Last but not least, I am not a slut, and find that idea insulting, and degrades my entire profession with a nasty and untrue stereotype. The truth; once upon a time, i was a slut. I ran around fucking everybody who asked me, and those who didn’t, and even tho i pretended that i was cool with it, i noticed how they treated me differently afterwards, and i remember thinking that i had done nothing to deserve that, but playing it off. Always afterwards, feeling sort of dirty and wishing i’d had the courage to say no. that is the worst feeling, the lowest self image, the absolute most humiliating experience imaginable, for me. So, now that i am comfortable with saying no, have gotten accustomed to the money, the hours, the independence, the travel and variety of everything about this job, to be accused of being a slut is completely unfounded. I don’t steal husbands, i dont automatically have sex with every single male person who speaks to me. If a husband does come for a visit, he is promptly returned to his wife. A few dollars the poorer, but with a smile and a renewed enthusiasm for life, that doubtless the wife is better for as well, although im sure she doesnt know it. I don’t want to keep him, and i definitely am not an all you can eat buffet, and not all money is money i need.